Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm Larry, a passionate software developer, aspiring musician and all around enjoyer of all things tech. My programming journey began in middle school with coding courses and assembling PCs. It has since led me through university and across various startups, each step deepening my knowledge and passion for technology and innovation.

My Tech Stack

Here's some of the technology I've been working with recently:

My Work

Software Developer Jensen Labs 2023 - Present Collaboration project with peers from the University of Queensland to develop industry-ready applications as contractors. Using React with Next.js, TypeScript, and Azure, I led the creation of Full-Stack software. Employing a peer-programming system, we crafted effective solutions for clients, ensuring quality and innovation throughout the process.
Intern Software Developer Autop Pty Ltd 2021 - 2022 Played a pivotal role in implementing features and resolving issues for a widely utilized business analytics software. My responsibilities spanned both Front-End and Back-End tasks, employing technologies like Flutter/Dart, Python, Firebase, and AWS. Collaborating closely with fellow programmers, I ensured efficient and effective task implementations. Utilizing CI/CD pipelines, along with practices like pull requests, code reviews, and integration testing, I upheld a high standard of quality throughout the development process.
Bachelor of Computer Science University of Queensland 2019 - 2023 Pursued and completed a Computer Science degree, majoring in Cyber Security. Throughout my studies, I developed a diverse skill set and engaged in collaborative projects, exploring various facets of Computer Science. This journey not only deepened my understanding of the field but also honed my abilities in teamwork and problem-solving, essential for professional success.

My Projects

Featured Project Password Manager A web-based password manager to securely upload, edit and retrieve passwords online. Uses PBKDF2 encryption to securely store user's passwords. Built using TypeScript in Next.js
Featured Project Botnet A fully developed botnet project featuring a C2 server for the command server, nameserver to provide a fixed static endpoint and executable for the bot program. Built using C# (WPF) and Python.
Featured Project This Website Loosely designed in Figma, built using Astro. I hope you like it :D